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Over 20 years experience in fitting bras, Hope Chest offers a select group of high quality brands that vary with the different shapes a sizes of our customers.  Our expertise is finding bras that fit perfectly in cup sizes aa-h cup and the band size range is from 30-42.  Whether you are looking for some enhancement or a gentle shaping that does not add volume, don't trust just any bra store.  A bra that is too large or too small is uncomfortable. 

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A proper fitting bra will mold to your body, lift your breasts, and should rest low enough on your back to minimize any back skin, offering support from the band and just a little from the straps.  We welcome your visit and if necessary, we can assist by phone or email.  Our bras will offer comfort, support and elegance.

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The Hope Chest has over 20 years experience in bra fitting. We offer a wide variety of sizes and quality brands that fit all of your needs. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for enhancing or for gentle shaping, we have what you are looking for. Don’t trust just any bra store. Bras that are too large or too small is extremely uncomfortable. Leave it to the experts at the Hope Chest.

Proper fitting bras should mold to your body and lift your breasts up. They should rest low enough on your back to offer support from the band and a just a little from the straps. All of your bras offer comfort, support, and elegance

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