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Lingerie Store

Finally, a lingerie store that has it all! Hope Chest has sold some of the best lingerie available for over twenty years. They’ve even been voted the top lingerie store in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine, and for a good reason. Hope Chest offers fashionable, gorgeous lingerie that can be worn underneath clothing.

Lingerie isn’t all that Hope Chest offers. They also specialize in bringing you some of the best bras, panties, sleepwear, and shapewear available. Bra fittings are even available, no appointment necessary.

Lingerie Boutique

Their lingerie boutique offers a number of gorgeous, fashionable lingerie that can be worn underneath the clothing. Their nighties are made of some of the softest fabrics available, and can only be described as luxurious. Hope Chest nighties flatter a woman’s form, while remaining comfortable.

Hope Chest offers some of the finest lingerie available. Some brands that they are currently carrying include: Cosabella, Fleur’t, Wolford, Hanky Panky, Simon Perele, and P.Jamas. The Cosabella Laila Chemise and Milli Chemise both look particularly comfortable. These nighties will look sexy at any age, and do a great job at flattering the female frame.

Lingerie Shop

Hope Chest is a lingerie shop that will take care of all your undergarment needs. Lingerie, panties, bras, sleepwear, and tights can all be purchased here. They offer some of the finest brands, and the softest, most comfortable cloth available. With Hope Chest garments, you’ll feel comfortable and sexy no matter what the occasion.

Not only will Hope Chest lingerie fit and flatter your frame perfectly, but their bras are tailored specifically to offer the support you need. Schedule an appointment for a bra fitting, or simply walk in. Hope Chest will offer you the perfect undergarment combination.

Bra Fitting

Bra Fitting

When it comes to what a woman wears and how she feels wearing it, the fit of her bra is a key factor. Unfortunately most women buy their bras out of habit and what they buy may not be the best fit for them. Hope Chest’s bra fitting service is designed to help our customers find their true fit so that they can look and feel their best in everything that they wear.

With our 20 plus years of experience performing bra fittings, we are uniquely qualified to ensure that our fittings are accurate. In addition, we carry cup and band sizes that are outside of the standard range to ensure that our customers walk out wearing the right bra for their shape.

Bra Fitting Services

The importance of wearing the right size bra cannot be overstated in terms appearance and comfort. That’s because women’s breasts don’t stay the same size over the course of a lifetime. Even within a few years any number of factors can impact the ideal bra size that should be worn. An ill-fitted bra can be uncomfortable, with straps that constantly fall, a band that digs or rides up in the back, or cups that offer little to no support. After a bra sizing, you’ll notice an improvement in your shape and the fit of your clothing.

The right size bra will give breasts the right amount of support and will provide the necessary lift to prevent sagging. Comfort is another important benefit of having a bra fitting. When a bra fits it won’t squeeze or otherwise feel uncomfortable when it is worn.

Bra Sizing

Hope Chest offers custom bra sizing and fitting to suit our customers’ needs and schedule. They are done by reservation or on a walk-in basis. By scheduling an appointment you’ll enjoy prompt service at the time of your choosing, which makes it an ideal option for women on a busy schedule.

While walking in for a fitting is always acceptable, there may be a considerable wait if others have reserved a fitting at the time of your visit. For the convenience of our customers we offer online scheduling, or appointments can be set by phone or email.